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Maintain Online Visibility With Strategic SEO.

Laing Media’s team of SEO experts are prepared to help you execute a smart Search Engine Optimization strategy. 

Simplify your SEO process

The idea of search engine optimization can be confusing for some. Laing Media has cracked the code for a simplified SEO process that will help you rank higher in search results and help your website perform better.

Get found by your customers

Our SEO services can help you rank higher in search engine results pages and increase your website traffic. We design content, build backlinks, and implement technical SEO tactics to make sure you’re getting the most out of organic search engines.


Identify your project goals.

If you understand SEO, you should be able to identify clear goals for ranking and web optimization. If you’re unsure about how SEO works – no worries! We are here to help you understand the benefits of SEO.


Clarify your target audience.

Understanding your target audience is the first step to developing your SEO strategy. Clarifying buyer personas and target customers can help narrow down which keywords and channels your brand should focus on. Are you targeting existing customers or potential clientele? Do you know your audience’s pain points?


Identify keywords and keyphrases.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can map out which keywords and keyphrases are important to your existing and potential customers. They key to successful SEO is looking beyond typical search words and narrowing down specific phrases your audience are searching through audio, visual, and text.


Perform a site sweep.

Whether you want to do this manually, or have Laing Media perform our specialized web audit, it is important to do an SEO sweep of your website. A site sweep entails identifying existing meta-descriptions, tag titles, alt texts, etc. and comparing to competitors across the web.


Ongoing website maintenance.

SEO is something that needs to continue to grow and be maintained. Laing Media partners with businesses looking for external management or consulting on search engine and web optimization on a monthly basis.

Your website will rank higher and perform better.

Say goodbye to a slow, cumbersome website that can’t keep up with the competition. With clear meta-optimization across all pages, your website will leave its competitors in the dust.


Let the experts at Laing Media help you

Increase your rankings and just as importantly, increase your visibility. No one will ever find you if you’re not on the first page of Google!

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