Data & Analytics

Know Your Customer With Realtime Data and Event Tracking

Laing Media’s team of data analytics help you discover meaningful insights through data & insights to empower your business strategy. 

Develop strategies through data

Every company needs data to make informed decisions. But not just any data will do, you need to get analytics that can track specific events on your website. That’s why we have a service that lets you choose what you want to track and then shows you the results.

Discover the importance of data & analytics.

Laing Media has a simple process for helping you launch your data & analytics processes. 


Map out your data goals.

By mapping out your data goals, you’re better prepared for what’s coming next. By defining your data, analysis, and actionable insights, you’ll be able to plan for what questions are coming next, who will ask them, and how they’ll be asked.

Depending on the industry, different types of data can also have varying levels of importance. For example, in retail, customer demographics are typically less valuable than purchase history. Other factors such as customer sentiment and location data can also influence the relative value of a particular dataset.


Identify valuable data points.


Organize your data collection platforms.

With the abundance of data available across multiple channels, it is important to identify which platforms can provide your business with the most valuable data.

Establish clear expectations of what kind of reports you need from your data & analytics. Information like what kind of customers are most likely to make a purchase or how many people have visited the website in the past month can help businesses decide what direction to take when it comes to advertising or marketing. Reports and insights should be presented in a manner that best suits your needs.


Reporting & Insights


Analysis & Long-term Strategy

Monitoring web analytics should continue beyond a single campaign period. You should have clear expectations of what checkpoints needs to be addressed on a monthly or quarterly basis through data & analytics.

Data Experts

Data is just numbers without any strategy or insights. Get the most out of your data by hiring a data & analytics team to help you achieve your goals. 


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From WordPress to Drupal, we do it all. To start, our team interviews clients about their objectives and service offerings in order to provide an unbiased CMS recommendation based on their unique needs.