Is This For Reel?: How To Leverage Instagram’s Powerful Tool
Written By Lamar Laing
Is This For Reel?: How To Leverage Instagram’s Powerful Tool

Is This For Reel?: How To Leverage Instagram’s Powerful Tool

Are you spending hours trying to develop entertaining content to help grow your social channels? If so, you may be aimlessly using every tool possible on each platform hoping something will go viral. While strategies for social media marketing can vary depending on specific goals, there is one tool that is helping brands increase visibility on Instagram alone – IG Reels. 

Ephemeral content like IG stories still has its place in the social media world. IG Reels was a feature Instagram created inspired by TikTok’s viral nature of producing content. With IG Reels, users can create short form video content that plays on a loop and is stored on the user’s profile feed. 

What Is IG Reels?

Much like TikTok, Instagram users can create Reels in 15, 30, or 60 second clips edited to music. This Instagram feature is currently available to users in the United States and 50 other countries. Similar to the Instagram Stories feature, IG users can also edit IG Reels with trending music clips and filters. 

In addition to the possibility of being added to the Explore page on Instagram, Instagram created a tab where users can scroll through other user IG Reels that may be outside of your audience. Plus, users have the option to share their IG Reels on their stories as well.

How To Use IG Reels 

Users can film IG Reels directly using the Instagram app or pre-record on their phones or devices and clip them together using the editing tool. We should probably mention the content is not limited to video. It’s just as simple to create creative IG Reels using photos.

IG Reels can be accessed in three different locations: the Stories camera, IG Reels tab, or the home page. Once you have completed compiling the clips to your satisfaction, you can use IG Reels different tools like text, draw, and stickers to create an engaging piece of content.

The Magic Behind IG Reel Music 

You also have the option to add music and audio tracks to your IG Reel. This selection can truly make or break your engagement on your content. Using trending or viral audio tracks that other users are using can help your content reach a wider audience. You also have the option to use your own audio or music and encourage other Instagram users to create IG Reels with your sound. 

Key to Beating the IG Reels Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm in general seems to change almost daily. The IG Reels algorithm is still something that is being understood, but the guys over at Instagram provided some insight on the tactics that are favorable to the algorithm. 

Phone Screen on Instagram page

IG Reels DOs

  • Do use text, stickers, and other creative tools.
  • Do be creative in the content development! 
  • Do use music and audio from the IG library or record your own sounds.
  • Do use vertical dimensions.

IG Reels DON’Ts 

  • Don’t cover the content with too much text.

Integrate IG Reels Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

If your social media marketing strategy does not already include IG Reels it is time to make the addition. By implementing IG Reels into your digital marketing plan, you can create fun and engaging content for your business or brand that will elevate your visibility. Thankfully, IG Reels are fairly straightforward and simple to use as long as you are somewhat familiar with the platrform. 

If you’re still not sure where or how to start, an option is to hire an agency or social media manager to handle or consult you on content strategy. Laing Media has a team of social media strategist that are ready to dive into Instagram and IG Reels for your business. 

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