Instagram Updates You Need to Know: Q4 2021
Written By Lamar Laing
Learn about Instagram updates with Laing Media.

It seems like every day, Instagram is announcing a new update to the platform. Sometimes, we love it. Sometimes, not so much. However, there are benefits of Instagram updates. It allows users to explore new features and offer feedback in the process. 

While some Instagram updates are big and obvious, many are often smaller or less noticeable algorithm changes. But keeping up with each change can feel almost impossible. 

Social media marketers spend endless hours keeping up with all of the changes happening across all platforms. Here, we’ve gathered the most recent and upcoming Instagram updates that may impact your brand.

Q4 Instagram Updates:

October 2021 Instagram Updates

  • One of the most anticipating and exciting Instagram updates this year has to be the addition of links in stories. Previously, only verified accounts and those with over 10K followers could unlock the feature to add a link sticker to any URL in your story. What was once an influencer-exclusive feature is now available to all Instagram users interested in tagging links into their stories.

Learn about Instagram updates with Laing Media.

  • Instagram announced the elimination of IGTV and their move to umbrella all Instagram feed content into one place – Instagram Video. The IGTV tab has been replaced with the video tab to allow users to view all video content under that account in one tab. Instagram Video content allows for up to 60minutes of content, and users also have the option to offer 60-second preview clips for long-form content. 

Instagram announces adding links to stories for every user.


  • To help users interested in using the IG Live feature, one of the Instagram updates offers a new IG Live scheduling feature. This gives users more of an advantage in promoting their upcoming IG Live to their audience.
  • The new Collab feature allows creators to create content together and post on both accounts through the Instagram app.
  • Now, all users can upload and publish content using the browser version of the app. This Instagram update will benefit those that feel restricted in managing multiple accounts from their phone. 
  • Deeper analytics are also now available in the Insights feature. The company announced that they would be adding three (3) new Instagram Insights Metrics, including Engaged Audience, Reached Audience, and Accounts Engaged


November Instagram Updates

  • Twitter Card Previews is one of the latest Instagram updates.  When a user shares a post on Twitter from the Instagram app, a preview picture of that post will show.
  • The Add Yours Stickers feature allows users to cross collaborate on others’ stories. You post a photo or video to your story, click the “Add Yours” sticker, and set your “theme,” and then users that interact with that story will be prompted to post a picture on that person’s story. 


Q4 Instagram Update Predictions 

Considering the upcoming holiday season, Instagram will likely alter its algorithms to favor content for product pages. This means if Instagram recognizes your profile and content as a product-driven post, it will get more eyes this season than if you offer a standard service. 

However, Instagram will continue to make changes day by day. A great way to keep up to date with Instagram updates is by following their official @Instagram and @Creators accounts. You can also check the Laing Media blog for the latest social media marketing and Instagram updates. 

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