How NBA Teams are Enhancing Digital Experiences: Migrating from Drupal to WordPress
Written By Lamar Laing
How NBA Teams are Enhancing Digital Experiences

In the fast-paced world of professional sports, where the NBA Mock Draft seems to start the day after the NCAA Championships. Maintaining an engaging online presence is crucial for teams to connect with fans worldwide. Recently, the Dallas Mavericks, a prominent NBA franchise with star players like Kyrie Irving made waves by becoming the first team in the league to migrate from Drupal to WordPress. This strategic move not only addressed their immediate challenges but also set a new standard for digital engagement within the NBA community.

The Challenge: Responsive Design and Scalability

In 2013, the Dallas Mavericks recognized a pressing need to overhaul their digital platform. The existing Drupal-based website lacked the flexibility required for modern front-end design, hindering the team’s ability to deliver a seamless user experience across various devices. Additionally, the site’s inability to handle surges in traffic, particularly during critical events like playoff games, posed a significant challenge.

Arya Ahmadi, Managing Editor of, emphasized the importance of responsiveness and scalability, stating, “We wanted to be the first NBA team website that was fully responsive across all platforms.” The desire to offer fans a consistent experience, irrespective of the device they used, fueled the Mavericks’ decision to explore alternative solutions.

The Solution: Harnessing the Power of WordPress

Partnering with Pixel Jar, a renowned web development firm specializing in WordPress, the Mavericks embarked on a transformative journey to revamp their digital presence. By leveraging the robust capabilities of WordPress, they gained unparalleled flexibility in front-end development, empowering them to create immersive and dynamic user experiences.

Brandon Dove, a WordPress Developer at Pixel Jar, highlighted the strategic importance of choosing the right hosting platform. He explained, “WP Engine provided the scalability and support necessary to handle sudden spikes in traffic, especially during high-profile events like playoff games.” This proactive approach ensured that the Mavericks’ website remained resilient and accessible even under immense traffic loads.

The Results: A Slam-Dunk Success Story

The migration to WordPress, coupled with the reliability of WP Engine, yielded tangible results for the Dallas Mavericks. Since the transition, they have achieved 100% site uptime, a remarkable feat considering their past challenges with website crashes during peak traffic periods.

Ahmadi expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “Moving to WordPress has given us the flexibility to install plugins that directly solve a lot of the problems our team has faced in front-end development.” This newfound agility has enabled the Mavericks to innovate rapidly, delivering cutting-edge features and functionalities to their loyal fan base.

Moreover, the partnership between the Mavericks, Pixel Jar, and WP Engine has proven instrumental in overcoming obstacles and driving continuous improvement. Ahmadi acknowledged the invaluable contributions of their partners, recognizing them as the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

Looking Ahead: Setting the Standard for Digital Engagement 

The Dallas Mavericks’ successful transition from Drupal to WordPress serves as a testament to the transformative potential of modern web technologies. By prioritizing responsiveness, scalability, and innovation, they have redefined the standards for digital engagement within the NBA landscape.

As other teams across the league take note of their pioneering efforts, the era of static, uninspired team websites may soon become a relic of the past. With WordPress as their foundation and WP Engine as their steadfast ally, the Mavericks are poised to continue delivering slam-dunk experiences to fans worldwide, solidifying their position as trailblazers in the digital arena.

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