4 Holiday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Written By Lamar Laing
Holiday Marketing Mistakes with Laing Media

Holiday Marketing Mistakes with Laing Media

Once the final summer sun has set and the first leaves start to fall, word begins the spread that the holiday season is finally here. From transitioning to pumpkin spice lattes to outfitting scarves and boots, through family gatherings, decorative lights, and gift shopping. The holiday season is filled with exciting new opportunities for businesses and customers alike. It’s the perfect time for businesses to hyper-drive their marketing efforts to put their products and services in front of eager holiday shoppers. 

Even Santa Claus himself checks his list twice before setting off on his annual gift-giving tour. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, simple steps can be overlooked and often missed by even those savviest marketers. This means businesses and marketers need an extra layer of vigilance to create a dent in a digital environment during the holidays. Here are a few key marketing mistakes to avoid during the holiday season. 

Lacking Landing Pages for Promotions

At Laing Media, we know better than anyone the importance of a solid company website. Having a solid website is an essential piece of a business’s marketing strategy. However, when it comes to holiday specials and promotions, landing pages can help drive traffic to a specific call to action. 

Not using landing pages to drive focus to your products, services, and even holiday specials is a missed opportunity. Quality landing pages offer a clear focus and actionable steps for customers to take in the sales funnel. 

Forgetting Mobile-Friendly Optimization 

Studies have shown that 40% of customers will go to a competitor’s website after a poor mobile experience. That is nearly half of mobile users! Mobile optimization is a process that many businesses overlook when setting up their company websites. With the number of internet users utilizing mobile continuing to rise, businesses need to have a properly functioning mobile site. Make sure mobile optimization is an integrated part of your marketing and web development strategy.

Failing to Prepare for High-Traffic Days

During the weeks leading up to holidays, businesses can expect a peak in traffic. An unprepared business can sometimes find themselves dealing with site crashes and slow uploads. This problem is not only an issue for the customers, but can also cost the business thousands of dollars in lost revenue and recovery costs. 

E-Commerce Marketing During the Holidays with Laing Media

Not Setting up Retargeting Ads 

Keeping a customers attention when they visit your website is half the battle. Smart marketing strategies plan for retargeting the people that showed interest in your website but may not have completed the sales process. Abandoned carts account for over 69% of ecommerce site visits. Retargeting advertisements allow businesses to reach out to these potential customers and recoup some of the revenue lost. 

Smart Marketing During the Holiday Season 

Setting up your digital marketing strategy for the holiday season is a process, and one that should be implemented weeks before the holiday season begins. Laing Media knows the ins-and-outs of digital marketing for companies looking to target specific audiences that celebrate a variety of holidays. By hiring a team of digital marketing professionals, you can save time and money making sure your business is visible through all of the lights and decor. 

If content is king, video content may have moved into the position of empire conqueror. Whether long-form or short-form, video content performs very well when created in an engaging and effective way. Consider using video blogs in tandem with your written content to appeal to all types of site visitors. 

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