5 Essential Elements for a Landing Page That Generates Leads
Written By Lamar Laing
Build strong landing pages with Laing Media

Build strong landing pages with Laing Media

Building awareness for your brand, business, product, or event requires a multi-faceted approach. Driving eyes towards your message involves being visible across multiple platforms, communications through various channels, and unique and engaging content. Thankfully, there is a way to bring all of these elements together in one place – a landing page. 

A landing page is as simple as it sounds: a place for potential customers or clients to arrive to learn the who, what, where, when, and why. They can stand alone or be extensions of your existing website. Most importantly, they are an element in your sales funnel that allows you to track and monitor traffic and engagement. 

Much like building a website, a strong landing page requires specific elements to be most effective. When looking at landing page examples that are impactful and hit their target typically contain five main elements: clear messaging, visuals, CTA, social sharing, and testimonials. These five elements are the formula for success when driving awareness, turning potential customers into paying clients and increasing return on investment. 

5 Elements of Landing Pages with Laing Media

Clear Messaging 

The context of your landing page is critical to relaying its purpose. When developing the content, keep in mind that the language should be clear and concise. Language that is too lengthy or contains a ton of high-level jargon will not convert visitors into paying customers. Additionally, it would help to focus on a single offer and craft the language to express what the viewer gets instead of what your business does. Companies that implement this practice into their landing page messaging saw increased conversions and decreased cost per action (CPA)

Simple Visuals 

Visuals are used to create an emotional response and also strengthen the messaging. While you want to keep the usage of visuals simple, it is equally essential to provide a variety of stimulating visuals. Depending on the purpose of the landing page, consider using a combination of images of real people, infographics, visualized data, and videos to support your messages. 

Call To Action 

This may be the singular most important element of your landing page. The Call To Action (CTA) is the reason for your page and the assigned task for the user that will move them from viewer to potential client. It is an action-oriented button that acts as the site of conversion. The CTA should be easily identifiable, so avoid burying it under lengthy language or distracting visuals. Some web developers may consider placing the CTA in various positions on your page. 

Social Sharing 

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses. Successful businesses understand their customers are using social media to research companies and make buying decisions. It is also a great resource to develop long-term relationships with your customers. A strong landing page has visible social sharing buttons where viewers can follow you on various platforms and share the information and CTA with their audiences. 


Third-party endorsements are more influential than paid advertisements. Landing pages that feature testimonials offer a layer of credibility to their business by showing customers real-life references on their behalf. You can display testimonials in different formats: video, audio, written customer reviews, peer reviews, or even press features. Ultimately, you want to showcase that other sources can support the validity of what you are offering on that landing page. 

Landing Pages Designed by Laing Media 

We understand that a robust website may not be the primary objective for every client. This is where landing pages can come in and serve a specific purpose for a targeted campaign. From designing to optimizing to monitoring and tracking performance, Laing Media works with businesses to enhance their marketing campaigns. If creating and maintaining a landing page on your own seems overwhelming, consider hiring a professional web developer to manage your landing page for your business. 


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