Why Cybersecurity Is Critical For Every Business
Written By Lamar Laing
Cybersecurity is easy with Laing Media web development.

“68% of business owners believe their cybersecurity risks are increasing.”

“Stick ‘em up!”  Before the age of the internet, robbery was depicted as men with ski masks running into a bank and holding people hostage until the cashier turned over all of the money in the vault. Today’s most valuable assets are now held, transferred, and distributed online. Whether you are a financial institution, Fortune 500 company, or a small business owner, your business is moving information through various networks and leaving you vulnerable to a new type of robbery. 

We’re not just talking money, either. Currency today is no longer limited to dollars and cents. Information is incredibly valuable, and modern-day hackers understand the importance of being able to infiltrate your website to capture sensitive information for ransom. When it comes to protecting your business, cybersecurity needs to be strategized from the beginning. 

In today’s digitally-driven environment, businesses are dealing with cybersecurity issues that are increasing every day. Unfortunately, many companies wait until a crisis situation arises to address cybersecurity

What is Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the act of protecting the various systems, programs, and networks that individuals and enterprises use to hold and exchange information. Since businesses today exist and operate online in some capacity, the need for cybersecurity is critical for the safety and success of both the business and its employees. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic drove many businesses to remote work environments, leaving many compromised for cyber attacks.  This is due to businesses now operating off cloud-based platforms without any internal cybersecurity planning and preparation. In fact, since 2020, 68% of business owners believe their cybersecurity risks are increasing. 

The Many Faces of Cyber Attacks 

Cyber attacks come in various forms. While the term “data breaches” is increasingly popping up in media headlines, various cyber attacks can happen both externally and internally for business files and data. The most common phrases we hear when it comes to breaches are hacking, malware, and phishing.


The Breakdown: 

  • Hacking – When someone breaks into a computer or network that they should not have access to.
  • Malware – Short for “malicious software” and designed to secretly access your computer or network. 94% of malware is sent via email.
  • Phishing – When a cyber attacker disguises themselves as a trusted source to gain access to secure information. Phishing attacks account for 80% of reported security issues.
 Cybersecurity managed by Laing Media

Protecting Your Business From the Inside-Out 

Cyber attacks not only put you, your customers, and your employees at risk of information being delivered to the wrong hands – they can cost you a lot of money. According to recent data from IBM, the cost of lost business from cyber attacks averaged $1.52 million. Furthermore, the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. 

It is essential to make sure that cybersecurity is considered from the very beginning to avoid losing millions and possibly billions of dollars for your business. At Laing Media, our team of skilled web developers and cybersecurity experts understand how to create internal networks and systems that are protected from hackers and cyber attacks.


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