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Are you even using Instagram if you aren’t using Reels? We say no. IG Reels have taken over social media content, and for a good reason. Instagram Reels is a fun and creative way to create content that performs very well. What does that mean? It means that the more you use the IG Reels feature, the more likely your content is to be seen by a wider audience.

IG Reels For Work and Play 

Instagram Reels are used by more than just the quintessential content creator or social media influencer. IG Reels is an excellent tool for businesses to reach their audiences by showcasing their authority, expertise, products, and services in a unique and exciting way. But, the idea of creating more content for the same social media may seem overwhelming. We’ve taken some of the pressure off and rounded up our favorite content ideas for fun Instagram Reels that businesses can use. 

Before moving on, if you haven’t figured out how to use IG Reels yet, head over to our blog post Is This For Reel?: How To Leverage Instagram’s Powerful Tool to learn the ins and outs of IG Reels. 

Give Tips and Tricks 

If you want customers or clients to trust your business, it is important to show them you know what you are talking about. Offering free advice has long been a content idea that builds trust with audiences. Creating IG Reels that provide quick tips and tricks is an easy way to create content that provides value to Instagram users. 

Behind The Scenes 

Building on establishing authority, transparency is a great way to build trust. Offer behind the scenes or #BTS looks to your business or your day-to-day life. Behind the scenes footage is a great way to showcase authenticity to your followers.

Meet the Team

They say it takes a village. Even if you are a one-person band, there are people that support your brand in one way or another. IG Reels content that showcases your employees and team members is another great way to build connections with your audience. 

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Share Testimonials and Reviews

Create collaborations or use user-generated content to create IG Reels that share testimonials and reviews. Inviting customers and clients to share their thoughts and feedback through social media is a powerful way to build your reputation. 

How-To Videos and Product Showcases

Set your business or brand apart by focusing on what makes you stand out – your product or service. IG Reels are a great place to create how-to videos or features that highlight the aesthetic of your products. If you offer a service, you can give a high-level overview of your service and the benefits. 

Build Brand Authority With IG Reels 

The best way to get better at creating IG Reels content is to get started. Keep your first few IG Reels short and simple to learn the different features. Doing this will help you gauge what works for you and your audience. Also, always plan ahead. Create a content calendar for your Instagram Reels content and pay attention to the days and times you decide to share your content. 

This is what we love to do. Laing Media specializes in social media marketing and has helped clients produce content that outperforms the competition. 

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