4 Clever Content Ideas For Your Website’s Blog
Written By Lamar Laing
Clever Blog Content Ideas from Laing Media

Clever Blog Content Ideas from Laing Media

The internet is filled with sources for information. No matter the subject, you can find an article with information on thousands of sites from around the world. However, finding information is not limited to major media outlets anymore. In fact, anyone with a domain can create a site for information. Blogs are now part of online mainstream media, with many that have evolved over the years to drive in millions of daily traffic. 

The History of Blogs 

In the two decades that blogs have been around, they have shifted and evolved in format and structures. The first known blog was created in 1994 by a student named Justin Hall and was called Links.net. The site featured several of Hall’s writings that linked to some of his favorite sites and his own writings. 

Several websites of similar structures began to emerge after Links.net. Many of these blog sites were created by programmers and focused on highly technical subjects, including coding and HTML. At this time, the term blog was not coined yet. It wasn’t until 1997 when Jorn Barger coined the term “web blog” to describe these sites. 

Then, in 1998, we saw the first journalist to blog an event and the establishment of Open Diary, a blogging platform where people could comment on each other’s writings. Over the next decade, we would see the evolution of new sites, including LiveJournal, Blogger, and Xanga. With this new era of blogging, everyone can easily participate and interact without being a professional journalist or blogger. 

How to Use Blogs Today

Today, blogs are not just places for people to express creative writing but a staple in most business websites. The information hosted on a company or brand’s blog site can establish their industry authority and keep users coming back for more. Your website should be the go-to source for information and insights for your target audience. 

An effective content marketing strategy incorporates a blog with versatile content that covers a variety of topics. Successful business blogs keep content simple, short, and easy to read. Here are some ideas for creating blog content that you can incorporate into your website. 

4 clever content ideas by Laing Media

  • Tips and Tricks

Establishing yourself as an industry authority means showing your audience that you know inside information that can help them advance. Writing blog content that covers quick tips and tricks and easy steps that a reader can take is incredibly useful. Readers are constantly scouring the internet for quick tips on how to do something or solve a problem. By filling your blog page with optimized content with simple solutions, you can establish your blog as a trusted source. 

  • How To’s

“How To” blogs are fairly common, but the term “how to” is also very popular in search queries. Writing step by step processes on topics such as “How to Start an E-Commerce Business” or “How to Use Reels for Instagram” appeals to users that are looking for simple instructions on how to complete a task or solve a problem. 

  • Industry News and Updates

Industry leaders stay abreast of the changes and breaking news that can impact their businesses. When users and readers look to industry authorities for the latest information and updates, they will go directly to a businesses blog site. This type of blog content is best written as high-level overviews that link back to primary sources or news outlets where the information was originally distributed. 

  • Video Blogs 

If content is king, video content may have moved into the position of empire conqueror. Whether long-form or short-form, video content performs very well when created in an engaging and effective way. Consider using video blogs in tandem with your written content to appeal to all types of site visitors. 

Content Marketing with Laing Media 

Creating content and managing your blog site can eventually become a full-time job. However, your blog can in turn become a huge revenue generator for your business. Creating clever content establishes your brand as a trusted industry authority, generates more leads and customers, and can eventually become a stream of revenue with advertisers and guest bloggers. Laing Media can work directly with your business to create a strong content marketing strategy and manage the design, development and maintenance of your website’s blog page.


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