22 Digital Marketing Tips for 2022
Written By Lamar Laing
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The new year is in full effect. After the turmoil of the last two years, businesses and customers alike are looking for a fresh start. Many of us have grown accustomed to creating our new year resolutions that we hope to follow to bring forth a better year and a better version of ourselves. But what about business and digital marketing resolutions?

Making sure your business is running efficiently and moving ahead of industry changes is key to consider when planning your strategy for 2022. Digital marketing encompasses a lot – A LOT. To kick off the new year, here are 22 digital marketing tips for a better business in 2022.

Technical Tips: 

  1. Website Updates – Make sure your website is running top notch. Whether you are doing it yourself, or working with a web developer, it is important to know that your website is updated to avoid any bugs or issues.

  2. Mobile Optimization – People are using their phones to shop and explore. Ensuring your website is optimized for mobile use will increase the number of users as well as their time spent on your site or platform.

  3. SEO – If you are not already ranking where you need to on search engines, it is time to make that a top priority. Your SEO strategy needs to be refreshed frequently to keep up with keyword changes and customer search trends.

  4. Social Media Engagement – Posting endlessly but not seeing results? It may be time to take another look at your social media strategy. Keep in mind your engagement strategy specifically. Are you asking questions, provoking responses, or even providing the type of content your audience wants to see?

  5. Data & Analytics – Decisions are made by considering the data. Make sure your business has a strong system to regularly pull reports and review the data for all of your campaigns and business efforts.

  6. Google Ads – It goes without saying that advertising with Google is a good idea. However, with Google’s continued changes in algorithms, these campaigns should be strategically planned and revisited on a regular basis.

  7. Sales Funnels and Landing Pages – Take time to meet with your digital marketing team to see how you can improve your funnels. Assign specific landing pages to test out with your target audience and make plans to re-evaluate on a consistent basis.

  8. Content Marketing – It’s been said that content is king. Content has taken on new meanings in the last few years, but ensuring that your web content provides value to your audience is most important.  Your digital marketing strategy should include varied content such as video, blogs, and guest articles.

  9. AR/VR/Metaverse – It has been hard to ignore the rising conversations surrounding the metaverse. As the public begins to educate themselve on the metaverse, businesses are racing to make their mark in the next version of the web. Your business’s digital marketing plan should address how your brand and audience can benefit from Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

  10.  CTAs – Your digital marketing efforts are futile without effective calls to action. Comb through your website and campaign assets and make sure your CTAs are clear and enticing. It may be worth trying different test campaigns with your CTAs to see what works better in 2022.

  11.  KPIs – Your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) used to see how effectively your campaigns are performing. Identify the KPIs that are most valuable to your brand and focus your attention there. Consider ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment), Cost Per Lead, Conversion Rates, Social Media ROI, Web Traffic, and Organic Traffic.

  12.  Design Development – Sometimes, new designs can make a world of difference. If needed, go back to the drawing boards with your design team to give your website and social visual assets a refresh.

  13.  Balance Inbound vs. Outbound – While some marketers may side on either side of inbound versus outbound marketing tactics, we believe in the power of balance. Take this into account when allocating budget and responsibility for either your inbound or outbound strategy.

    Technical Tips: 

  14.  Branding – Branding is critical to your digital marketing strategy. Without thoughtful branding, you risk blending in instead of standing out. Look at what competitors are doing right, as well as what they are missing. Most importantly, focus on what makes your brand what it is and conceptualize a way to make your audience feel that.

  15.  Collaborations – Collaborations go way beyond social media influencers. We know building a good business takes a village. We also know that third party recommendations are more valuable than advertisements. Make a list of key influencers and potential partners that can work with you on your brand’s digital marketing campaigns.

  16.  Thought Leadership – Customers want to know they can trust you. That trust is built by developing a strong record of thought leadership in your industry. Your digital marketing strategy should include promoting key leaders through content development and public communication.

  17.  Insights Into Strategy – Remember the data and analytics we spoke about earlier? Through all of those numbers and charts are insights that can help leaders properly strategize and tell their story effectively.

  18.  Interdepartment Communications – This builds on the idea of collaborations. While collaborations with external businesses is valuable, collaborations within your own company structure is just as important. Make sure all of your departments – Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Data & Analytics, etc. – are all working in tandem.

  19.  Audit & Testing – When you think something is working just fine – test it. Make it a habit to run audits and tests across all areas of your digital marketing strategy.

  20.  Abandoned Carts – Go back to those abandoned carts because they are not useless. These leads can be retargeted in future campaigns.

  21.  Continued Education – Continued learning should be important to your company’s leaders and staff. Platforms are constantly changing. Customer behaviors are constantly changing. The only way to stay competitive is to continue learning each day.

  22. Rebound – Be prepared for anything to happen. In October 2021, Instagram and Facebook were down for hours and many businesses were scrambling to figure out how to keep connected with their audiences. This is just one situation. Prepare yourself and your team to be resilient and bounce back from any of the unpredictables that come along with the digital world. 

Connect with an Expert

This list is far from exhaustive, but it is a good start to put your digital marketing strategy in the right direction for 2022. For maximum results, put each of these tips into continuous practice until they become secondnature for your brand. Digital marketing may seem like a behemoth of a task – but it is a necessary one for success. If you are looking for professional help, the team at Laing Media has years of expertise working with companies at every stage to perfect a holistic digital marketing plan. 


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