2021 Holiday Season Content Ideas
Written By Lamar Laing
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2021 Holiday Content Ideas Laing Media logoOne of the best things about the holiday season is — the content. Yes, there is shopping and gifts and tons of good food, but the inspiration behind these festive ideas each year is pulled from thousands of pieces of content. In fact, the holiday season is one of the best times of year to ramp up your social media marketing strategy. Here are some fun and festive holiday season content ideas to bring good cheer and elevate your brand’s visibility.

Brands Should Blend Excitement with Nostalgia for Holiday Season Content

Whether you are looking for inspiration on gifts to buy, meals to make, or songs to sing during your chosen holiday festivities, the internet, and social media are a typical first stop for those looking for holiday season content. 

This is an excellent opportunity for businesses and brands to take advantage of the uptick in traffic to create meaningful content that speaks volumes to their audiences. This year’s holiday season is expected to outperform years past. According to Google, over 50% of shoppers say they are open to new retailers and brands. Plus, there has been a 1.3X increase year over year for searches similar to “what to buy/get/find” online.

By peppering in fresh, fun, and festive holiday season content to your marketing strategy, you can reach wider audiences and build brand loyalty during this busy season. 

Keep Diversity In Mind

The holiday season is not centered around one specific holiday, especially in the United States. Different holidays are celebrated around the world, and it is essential to be respectful and mindful of the diversity of your audiences. Plan ahead and create content that acknowledges different holidays (such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza) or create content that offers a nondenominational option for those that are not into labels. 

Offer Special Sales or Holiday Giveaways 

It is a great time of year to incorporate sales and even giveaways. Offering your audience the chance to win something is a great holiday season content idea in the season of giving. Not only does it emphasize the season of giving, but it also creates a sales funnel for you to engage with new audiences and build rapport in your industry. On top of a giveaway, you can offer a holiday season exclusive deal on your product and service to build momentum, whether a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, Christmas Sale, or New Years’ special.

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Use Nostalgia to Your Advantage 

The holiday season is nostalgic for so many reasons. It is the time of year where the scent of peppermint and pine tingles our noses, or the taste of hot cocoa sends our tastebuds back to grade school. The sound of jingle bells and our favorite songs bring us right back to some of our most memorable moments. This is a great inspiration for holiday season content ideas. If creating videos or Reels for your holiday season content, consider using popular holiday medleys as the audio track or incorporate holiday aesthetic images and videos for your feed.

Create Community Engagement 

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to encourage community engagement. Notoriously, New Year brings together people from all walks of life as they create new goals “or resolutions” to proactively work towards in the upcoming year. Did you know that only 35% of people that made a resolution in 2020 kept all their resolutions, 49% kept some of their resolutions, and only 16% failed at keeping any of their resolutions. Use these statistics to build a community conversation and accountability for your audience on whatever their New Years Resolution may be. 

Stay Creative and Inspirational for Great Holiday Season Content 

No matter what your business or brand focuses on, this holiday season should be fun, festive, and inspiring for you as a business and as content creators. Try stepping outside of the box of your typical content ideas and test your boundaries during the holiday season to see what works best. If you’re not sure you can manage to create a holiday season content calendar for your brand, you can always work with a team of skilled social media strategists at Laing Media that will gladly bring the “Fa-la-la-la-laaa” to your feed.

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